Why do many restaurants love 9Cookies?

It’s simple. It’s convenient. A real time-saver.

Each customer has their own story, so take a look at what these great business owners think about 9Cookies in their own words.


Vincent Duong at Slurp

"With the 9Cookies POS, our orders come in right onto the iPad and are printed in the kitchen. The time needed has been reduced by a lot. It is convenient, really, compared to how we used to get our orders."

Afters Alcohol Service

Kevin Small at Afters

"I wanted to create the ultimate delivery service, combining both food and alcohol, everything at the same time...to help keep the roads safer. The Sidekick is very easy to operate and a time-saver."


Manager at Cowei

"Changing the menu or making customised prices is not complicated - rather very simple. For other tills, I must pay up to 100 Euros to just change a little thing. I can save that money now."

Even more great reactions...

Selim Vardol at What's Beef

"What’s Beef is different, innovative and stylish. Our concept is to run a restaurant at the highest standard; this makes our POS system crucial. With the 9Cookies POS system, we have not only found a modern till, but also brilliant customer service - quick, competent & friendly. The 9Cookies POS was definitely the right decision for us."

Inah Gergin at Croque Laden

"I chose the 9Cookies POS because of its cloud feature. My data will never get lost and I can see, from anywhere, what is happening at my business."

Wilhelm Frehmann at Kerpener Schlemmerstube

"The 9Cookies POS manages my delivery service and my snack bar at the same time. The handling is pretty much self-explanatory, which is saving me a lot of time."

Alfia Gaudio at Pizzataxi

"The management dashboard is really easy and the 9Cookies POS is extremely user-friendly. The special delivery features are very useful. My old POS lacked such great features."