The best restaurant POS & Delivery Management system on the market.

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Totally Smart

The information you need is always at your fingertips. Make intelligent decisions and act fast. Keep customers happy with order status.


Power you can trust

Accept table orders and deliveries on a rock solid, stable system that’s easy to use. Don’t lose orders, support customer enquiries on orders and more.


Scale your business

Free up staff time by automating routine tasks and induce more advanced decision making. Take advantage of delivery platforms to take orders.


A complete restaurant POS system

Manage orders in your restaurant in a clear and modern way on an iPad. 9Cookies makes the most of this powerful touch-screen. You can quickly flick between tables and orders, accept payment by cash or credit card and more.


Manage delivery orders

9Cookies makes it easy to manage delivery orders. You can quickly enter phone orders as repeat customers are identified instantly using CallerID and our customer database. 9Cookies also integrates tightly with Delivery Hero so you get notified as soon as new online deliveries come in.

Then track your drivers in real time and keep customers updated

Intelligent routing, watch driver positions, notify customers with delivery status updates

As soon as you assign a delivery to a driver, you can keep track of exactly where that driver is and watch them live on your iPad or laptop/PC. Never lose track of where your drivers or deliveries are at any time again.


Take table orders

As well as being a delivery system, 9Cookies is also a world-class touch-screen point of sale system for restaurants. Take orders, accept payments, print receipts, have different waiters log in and much more right from your iPad.


Orders at the Counter

You can take orders right at the counter simply by choosing the items and then accepting the payment. 9Cookies even opens your cash drawer and prints receipts on popular receipt printers.


Manage your business

Vital reports and stats in a few clicks

The Manager contains reports on all aspects of your restaurant including revenue, bestselling items and much more. Moreover, you can create and edit your menu, keep an eye on your deliveries and drivers and access your customer information.

Restaurants 9Cookies

"It is just simple, easy and user-friendly"

- Vincent at Slurp.

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